Thing 19: Catch-Up Week & Integration

It’s reflection time…

I’ve had a re-read of my blog posts so far and it seems to be that the Things I put the most effort into are the wordy ones, the ones that require reflection and a certain kind of work, rather than the technical ones that require practice and fiddling. I think this is partly to do with the fact that my paid (un-library-related) job doesn’t require me to use the tools that some of the Things have covered, whereas my voluntary (library-related) work is helped by having a think about the wider themes and issues-based things. It’s helpful to be able to take a step back and work out a sense of perspective and try to see where things fit in with what.

It’s also to do with which is my stronger point – which ties into why I do the work I do – but realising this has also helped to give me a kick up the bum with trying out and adopting useful resources and tools. I’m more aware of them now and am far more likely to use them when it’s a relevant time to (reference management software when I start my PhD, for example). I do now make use of Google Calendar, although with three working calendars/diaries on the go I do need to make more of an effort to just pick one and stick with it, or make it really clear to myself which one I use for which area of my life (work, PhD, Voices for the Library/CILIP-related, personal etc). This will probably be a lot easier come January when things are far less blurred and I’m not in weird cross-over land.

Here’s a late-night plan in weak-analogy-form – I’m going to use December to have a good look at the hats I have, work out when to wear them, how to wear ’em with style and grace, and think about what I need to wear them with so I’m appropriately prepared for all seasons.


CC PermaCultured on Flickr

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