Things 17 & 18: Prezi, Slideshare, Jing, Screen Capture & Podcasts

I spent a long time dithering over these Things because I didn’t want to not do them, and wanted to do them properly, and then never did them at all which I feel is getting in the way of me doing any other ones. So, I’m going to be really naughty and not do them. I think I can kind of justify it because:

  • I’ve had a play around with Prezi a few times and do like it, but I think I’d always be using it in a very deliberate way rather than as a tool that would help me better communicate my message.
  • Slideshare I use whenever I have a presentation to give, both to share the presentation and as an emergency backup in case my USB stick doesn’t work or something!
  • The other things aren’t ones┬áthat would be useful in my line of work right now, and if I need to learn about them I will definitely use the guides from CPD23 as a starting point.
And I guess my final excuse is that I’ve been disgustingly busy with campaigning, so I’m going to cut myself a little bit of slack and try not to feel too guilty about it.

I’m very sorry CPD23, please forgive me!

CC AndyRobertsPhotos on Flickr